Our five cents

In the quest to create climate-friendly food the industry seems to have gotten stuck in a never-ending loop to create products that imitate meat.

As a consequence, a lot of the plant-based food alternatives have gotten very expensive and packed with additives to reach that meat simulation experience. Still, the food itself doesn’t taste either meat nor very good.

With Stacky’s we have created clean, great tasting, planet friendly food without any additives. We do this at a much more reasonable price point so that people can actually afford it, every day.

Stacky’s is the smarter food - the peoples food.

Cooking, but not in a lab

We let our chefs Johannes Wahlman and Mattias Larsson loose in a kitchen. The challenge? Create great tasting, nutritious food with Swedish produce and ingredients that people know and understand. And not only that, but the food has to suit large scale production and can’t be expensive nor contain any additives or preservatives what so ever. And of course, don’t try to imitate meat.

The result is our first product Stacky’s, which not only matches but also exceeds our ambitious goals. But of course, our story doesn’t end here. We’re already taking on the next challenge on our quest to create smarter food for you, for the people.

Team Stacky’s is of course more than two chefs, and you as our customer is a critical piece of the puzzle. So get in touch with us and let us know when we’re doing something great (or not so great for that matter).