Stacky's is part of the solution

It’s in your hands and your interest to invest smarter if we’re going to turn this burning planet around. We are in the midst of one of the biggest challenges of our time - eight billion people need to eat.

On the quest for climate-friendly food the industry seems to have gotten stuck in a never-ending loop to create products that imitate meat. As a consequence, a lot of the plant-based alternatives have gotten very expensive and packed with additives to reach that meat-simulation experience. Yet, the food itself tastes neither meat nor very good.

With Stacky’s we have created a no bullshit alternative. It's clean, great-tasting and free of any and all additives.

This is Stacky's

Great food has to be accessible to everyone. With Stacky's, we have created smarter food at a reasonable price point, making it available to the broader public:

  • Stacky's does not try to imitate meat.
  • Stacky's has the "From Sweden"-label and is completely free of additives.
  • Stacky's is made with whole ingredients you can actually pronounce; black bean, oats, carrot, yellow onion, chickpea flour and spices.
  • Stacky's has a long shelf life and is available in several different flavours and forms.

Stacky's as a product family takes a natural place in classic everyday recipes such as lasagna, tacos, gratins and sauces.

Positioning and attitude

Less than ten percent of the Swedish population state that they exclude meat from their diet. Stacky's primarily speaks to the other 90 percent. By not blaming or trying to convert people, we lower the threshold and reach the omnivore.

Where many other brands are green, fluffy and difficult for the common man to approach, Stacky's instead goes head first and builds a brand free from built-in marketing limitations.

Stacky's is the relaxed, simple and tasty shortcut to smarter eating.

Stacky's gains ground

Stacky's unique features enable DTC sales via e-commerce. So far, over seven tons of Stacky's have reached the mailboxes of satisfied private customers all over Sweden. In 2023, Stacky's will also be launched in grocery stores.

Stacky's stands firm in large scale kitchen facilities when thousands of nutritious and tasty meals must be prepared in a short time with limited resources. By meeting the demanding price and quality requirements of the state and public sector, Stacky's penetrates markets most other brands can only dream of.

In 2023, with current agreements and negotiations, Stacky's will be a recurring service in several municipalities, regions and restaurants.

We're the ones changing the industry

The picture shows the core team working with Stacky's daily. The team members has been instrumental in launching new services and changing other industries in the past. But we all know it takes a village, the number of people who are passionate about Stacky's and thus contribute to its success is significantly larger and includes well-known chefs as well as nutrition specialists, developers, economists.

Sounds really good right? Now we do this together!

Stacky's is a brand marketed by AgentVegan Sverige AB, which is a public company, Euroclear-affiliated and currently has around 60 shareholders.

If you want to talk numbers or have a look at the details - call Stefan on +46702-216050, send an email to or book an online meeting.

Explore Stacky's newsroom here.