Privacy policy

Version 1.0 5/26/2021

Do we have your permission?

There is a lot of talk about GDPR and consent, but we prefer to ask for your permission in a language everyone can read and understand. After all - it’s your data.

This has already happened

This site uses so called session-cookies. They allow us to keep track of your current session and currently selected language. As soon as you close your browser – they are gone. These cookies do not contain any personal information or require consent under EU GDPR, but we would like to tell you anyway.

When you loaded this site, our servers recorded the IP address and additional information about your browser, just like all other sites on internet do. Logging IP addresses for the purpose of security is an extremely widespread practice that does not require consent. No matter which, what is important is that:

  • We don’t log additional information together with the IP and browser details
  • These logfiles containing IP and browser details are automatically deleted after 10 days
  • Our servers are in a hosting facility whose entire operation is ISO27001 certified, which is an international standard for information security

We also use Googles tools for analyzing the visits to this site so we can improve content, navigation and structure for you as a customer. Until you (as part of the registration process) accept this document, the IP that you access this site from is anonymized and all advertising features are disabled. Effectively, we’re still able to track the number of people visiting from - for instance - a certain country, but not on an individual level. You may opt out of this tracking at any time by activating the “Do Not Track” setting in your browser.

When you register

Once you accept this document (as part of the registration process), this is what will happen:

  • We will store your email (and other personal data that you supply us with in order to fulfil for instance purchases) on our secure servers
  • We will store your preferred language (and other settings such as "Keep me signed in"), in your browser (using cookies or localstorage) for future visits
  • We will change the settings of Googles tools to allow for the correct IP to be logged and advertising features to be enabled
  • Depending on your interest and level of marketing you have agreed to, we will send you one or more email(s) using an external email provider named SendInBlue

Your rights

In accordance with the GDPR regulation you have the right to know how we handle, store and use your personal information. You have the right at any time:

  • To request an extract of the personal information we hold on you
  • To know where your personal information came from, if not registered by you
  • To have your personal information erased (with some exceptions due to bookkeeping and anti money laundering laws)
  • To know what personal account information that could be used to customize marketing material directly to you
  • To file a compliant to the supervising authority


Our aim is to release features onto this site continuously. Should any of those features require us to update this document to a new major version, we will present the new document and ask for your permission again.


Was that clear? If not – let us know how we can improve! Email us at