Stacky's is Stacky's

Natural Swedish ingredients with a taste of the world. Anyone can enjoy Stacky's. That's why we refrain from referring to it as a vego burger, bean burger or vegan meat. Stacky's does not try to imitate meat - Stacky's is Stacky's. Use the form at the bottom of the page and we will get you setup to sell Stacky's!

Stacky's in the kitchen

  • Stacky's is easy to handle, in ovens, on the grill, the pan or even the toast iron.
  • Stacky's is plant based yet keeps its shape and doesn't fall appart when handled.
  • Stacky's thrives in places where you normally would reach for meat or halloumi.
  • Stacky's reduces wastage due to its longevity.
  • Stacky's may be vegan, but that doesn't stop it from being a perfect match for any kind of dish - vegan or not.
  • Stacky's is a Swedish product with a base recipe on Swedish ingredients and flavours from around the world.
  • Use Stacky's creatively and make use of the square form factor when you come up with your dishes.

Stacky's on the menu

Always make Stacky's a part of a complete meal.

Try using Stacky's as part of the menu title I.e. "Stacky's Pasta Royale".

And lastly, anyone can eat Stacky's, and it works well in all sections of your menu so make sure it's not just ending up under the vego headline.